Affiliate Marketing in 2020 – Still worth it?


In this post, we’ll talk about affiliate marketing in general in 2020, and whether it’s worth it or not.

If you’re short on time and you don’t want to read the whole post..yes, it’s still worth it.

Not all niches are equal though (far from it) and it also depends heavily on how you’re planning on promoting products.

If you’re going to be relying on SEO, there are several no-no niches, unless you have a massive budget and a LOT of time to spend.

So, let’s start with SEO:

What Niches Are Worth Entering In 2020 If You’re Doing SEO?

The Make Money Online/bizopp niche is massive this year, in part due to corona.

A lot of people have lost their jobs, and a lot of people are because of that looking to make extra money on the internet.

There’s a ton of money to be made from this niche, but if you do enter, please promise us you’ll only promote ethical products, since there’s a ton of scammy products.

The survival niche is also massive this year, again, because of corona.

This niche has actually been very solid for several years, and it’s probably just going to get more popular over the next couple of years as well.

It’s fairly competitive, but if you have a decent budget and most importantly, time, you can definitely make a dent in this niche, and make a couple thousand per month.

The fitness niche is also massive this year.

In fact, yours truly even bought a product not long ago. A program from a guy named Greg, that has a great workout schedule.

So if you manage to rank a website for various fitness programs, you can definitely make bank.

With gyms closed, ranking for terms such as home workouts etc, we would imagine would be insanely profitable.

By the time your site is ranked however, odds are this whole corona mess is over, but home workouts will always be popular since a lot of people don’t have the time and/or energy to go to the gym after a long day at their jobs.

If you’re planning on doing PPC:

Depending on which network you’ll be using to get traffic (Facebook, Google, YouTube etc) it varies quite a lot of what we could recommend here.

One thing we can say:

YouTube ads are AMAZINGLY profitable for us in a couple different niches at the moment.

You can nail the targeting better on Facebook for example, but YouTube ads are still to this day super cheap, and the results have been mindblowingly good.

Regardless of what niche you decide to enter, we would highly recommend you to take a look at YouTube ads.

How Profitable Can Affiliate Marketing Be?

Very profitable.

Like, there’s an insane amount of money to be made online as an affiliate marketer, almost regardless of which niche you go after.

We know tons of people personally that are making anywhere from $1000 to $500,000 per month online.

The internet is huge, and there’s a huge demand for various products.

These days, you can become an affiliate for every single product on Amazon for example, and earn a small commission on each sale you refer.

In the bizopp niche for example, a popular thing to do in order to get leads and make money, is through launching products.

I know two people who joined a coaching program a couple months ago who have now launched several products already, and they’re both already making $10k+/month, which is insane.

Just shows how fast you can go from working a boring day job to becoming a full time affiliate marketer.

The Fastest Ways To Results

So, SEO (free traffic) or PPC (Pay Per Click/paid ads)

What do you choose, and why?

Let’s do a quick pros and cons list.



1) Once your website is ranked at the top, it’s free traffic. True passive money, and no need to rely on paid ads.

2) Pretty much everything can be outsourced. You can get backlinks and articles created for you by someone else, fairly cheap.

3) Can build up to huge passive income if you create several sites.


1) You get results FAST. You can literally start seeing results from your ad within minutes of starting it.
SEO, in comparison, usually takes months or even a year before you start seeing results.

2) You can tweak as you go. If you’re not getting good results right away, you can start tweaking, and within a week or so know what works the best.

With SEO, you need to get ranked first. And there’s no guarantee you’ll make money..

In our next post, we’ll cover a really cool program that gives you the best of both worlds.

Stay tuned!